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Mini Art Speakers

Introducing the new Urban Fidelity Mini Art Speakers and Subwoofer

The speakers and sub shown are in prototype form -- they'll receive a much higher level of fit and finish when they go into production. To complete the look, the speakers are propped up on a mid century hairpin leg for that extra little touch of class.

The Mini Art Speakers are perfect for desktops and bookshelves. Roughly 9" wide x 13" tall, they feature the same open baffle design as the larger speakers, creating an incredibly huge soundstage even on a desk!

Additionally, most computer and desktop speakers use a driver that's too close to the desk, causing the music to bounce off your desk and muddle the sound. Our Mini speakers feature "correct height" by aligning the drivers with your ears, allowing the music to play without distortion. This provides far clearer and pinpoint sound. 

Our new Air Flow Sub 12 features a 12" driver using the same open baffle principle. Yes, even subwoofers can work without a box! The dipole open baffle sound is much faster than traditional subs that use 5"-8" drivers. The smaller drivers must work very hard to achieve the low notes. And as anyone who has owned a plastic ported subwoofer knows, the bass frequencies are anything but smooth -- a huge bass hump due to the port makes the sub sound more like a thumping device than a true musical instrument.

Our Air Sub 12 reaches roughly 30Hz and is great for offices and small apartments. It's only 6" deep and the woofer is rear-firing, meaning the front of the sub is one large piece of artwork.

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